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dr. Ajaya Kashyap

About Dr. Ajaya Kashyap

Dr. Kashyap is Triple American Board Certified, in Plastic Surgery, Surgery and Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He has trained extensively in USA in UCLA (California), Guthrie Clinics, University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), UMASS (Massachusetts) and Lenox Hill hospital (New York) in Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. He practiced for nearly sixteen years in the US until moving back to India in 2005. He was on the faculty as an Assistant Professor at UMASS Medical center and Medical school. He has headed many research projects and written over thirty research papers and won several awards for research and teaching. He was the only Plastic Surgeon to feature in Sony TV's internationally telecast series on Extreme makeover "Naya Roop Nayi Zindagi".

Dr. Kashyap has appeared in several noteworthy news media, including the internationally renowned Discovery Channel and the Boston Globe, Harvard News, Ayer Times (USA), Times of India, Hindustan Times, CNBC, CNN, CNN-IBN, AajTak amongst others.

He has headed multiple departments of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery including The Aesthetic Center of MetroWest (Massachusetts, USA), Fortis, Escorts, Apollo, Columbia Asia and Asian hospitals.

He has been involved in various socially relevant programmers including Plastic surgical reconstruction and rehabilitation of Acid burn victims and childhood deformities.

He practices state of the art Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in South Delhi and Gurugram areas, making cutting edge advances in Aesthetic Surgery. He is currently the Medical Director of KAS Medical Center and Director of Plastic Surgery at MedSpa, New Delhi.

Skin Treatments in Delhi

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is a Triple American Board Certified Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon and is regarded as one of the best doctor from Non-Surgical Skin Treatments in Delhi as well.

There are a wide range of new technologies and procedures available which give non-surgical options so that you do not have to go “under the knife” to improve your looks. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap has the variety of non-surgical treatments available at his clinic in R. K. Puram.

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap helps you to achieve your aesthetic goals to restore your youthful glow. He usually suggests a targeted combination of non-surgical procedures. The main attraction of non-surgical procedures is that they are quick and have very little down time, look natural and are safe. Non-surgical treatments are used for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, removing scars and pigmentation problems along with achieving smooth and even toned skin.

There are many anti-aging treatments including the latest, ThermiTight. ThermiTight is an exceptional treatment with no downtime and wonderful skin tightening results. This is US FDA approved and is the latest in skin tightening and anti-aging treatments. Other non-surgical anti-aging treatments include injectables such as Derma Fillers for nasolabial folds, Botox or muscle relaxers for forehead lines.

For Skin Rejuvenation there are skin re-surfacing treatments which includes Chemical Peels and Medical Microdermabrasion to remove dead skin.

Thermi Smooth, the latest in RF technology helps to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. Diode Laser Treatments are used to correct pigmentation, fine lines, uneven skin tone and rosacea.

Medical Facials are available and done under Dr. Ajaya Kashyap supervision. Only medical grade products are used. Facials may include a combination of treatments such as Medical Microdermabrasion, Laser Skin Surfacing and Medical Peels to give targeted results.

Non-surgical fat removal can be accomplished with Cool Lipo or Cryolipolysis. This is done by freezing the fat. The subcutaneous fat cells are cooled with the help of Lypolises and fat cells are broken without affecting the surrounding tissues.

Non-Surgical Treatments

  • THERMI RF, LASER PROCEDURES: These procedures work using heat to produce more collagen in treated areas. The wavelength of the laser depends on how deeply it penetrates the skin and the purpose of treatment.
  • FILLERS: The injection of filler can fill in the deep folds such as laugh lines, create fuller lips & pad out hollow cheeks and eyes and can change the facial profile for a younger look.
  • BOTOX: These injections freeze the muscle and prevent the skin from creasing up and causing wrinkles, works on expression line on the forehead and crows feet around the eyes.
  • CHEMICAL PEELS: Peels are applied on the skin to exfoliate the top layer causing dead skin to peel off and stimulates the collagen production.
  • MEDICAL FACIAL: These are performed using medical grade products in combination with other medical non-surgical treatments to have targeted results.
  • THERMI SMOOTH (RF): The Hand piece gently heats the skin surface tosmoo then areas around the eyes, mouth, cheeks & neck.

KAS SR Cream has the properties of clearing your skin of blemishes and pigmentation as well as rejuvenation. The ingredients are at a low concentration to keep it safe even for sensitive skin. It is used as a night cream and should be used after washing and drying your face. A very small quantity like a pea sized amount will suffice for the whole. The area close to the eyes should be avoided. In the rare event of excessive redness or allergy the use of the cream should be discontinued and you should call us. It is important to store the product in a cool dry place away from sunlight, like the door of your refrigerator. It is important to wash your face in the morning and apply sunscreen when you go out, as the cream can make your skin sensitive to the sun. When used correctly benefits can be seen in as soon as a couple of weeks.

Get the best non surgical treatment in Delhi at KAS Medical Center. For any kind of enquire about skin care treatments please complete our contact form or call +91-9818369662 or +91-9818300892.

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