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Fillers Treatment in Delhi: Cost, Process & More

Youthful looks and facial harmony is what everyone is striving to have. To add volume, remove deep lines and balance the face, filler treatments are the choice of today’s physicians. Filler treatment cost in Delhi is very competitive. Results of this treatment are almost immediate and the treatment can last from 12 months to a year, depending on the type of filler treatment performed. There are many types of fillers that can be used, from OTC filler such as Juvederm, to your own fat, which is known as autologous fat filler. The OTC fillers usually last for 12 to 18 months, where as, the autologous fat fillers can last a lifetime. The type of filler depends on the desired result and desired longevity, that is why the filler treatment in Delhi is selected as per the needs of a patient. The best results as well as least risks come when right filler is used. That is why you should always consider board certified physician for getting fillers injected.

Filler is used for:

  • Under Eye Circles
  • Cheek Augmentation
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Depressed Scars
  • Balancing the Facial Features
  • Rejuvenating the Hands
  • Facial Birth Defects
  • Nose

Given that fillers are minimally invasive aesthetic medicine used for adding volume, filling in wrinkles and altering the contours of face, it has gained immense popularity among people across the globe. Hands and the face are the common areas where fillers are injected. Results of filler skin treatment in India are outstanding giving youthful, balanced and fuller appearance. Of all types of filler procedures, dermal fillers are the most popular as they give immediate results with close to nil risks and minimal recovery time. When to consider filler treatment

  • If you are looking for minimally invasive procedure to get rid of wrinkles
  • If you have deep lines around mouth, brow and the eyes
  • If you wish to add volume to the contours of your lips, cheeks, chin or jaw
  • Volume is depleted in an area of the face, whereby adding volume the face becomes more balanced
  • Aging has depleted natural, youthful volume in the face or hands. Filler can help give a more youthful appearance when administered in these areas. Advantages of filler treatment
  • No to little downtime with instant results
  • Filler injections are immediate and all they need is a topical anesthetic
  • These injective give subtle look which can be adjusted for meeting aesthetic goals of a patient

So, if you want to get rid of wrinkles around your forehead, eyes or mouth; want to add volume to areas such as lips, jaw line and cheeks; and if you have depressions and scars in the skin consequential to congenital imperfections, injury or acne then you are the right candidate for filler treatment in Delhi.

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