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Cool Lipo Treatment in Delhi India

Cool Lipo is ideal for stubborn bulges that don’t go away with diet and exercise in healthy people at near normal weight. Nothing invasive - no pre-operative visits, no needles, no medications, no drainage, and no downtime. The goal of Cool Lipo is to bring a targeted area of fat to an extremely low temperature to freeze the fat. The extreme cooling, kills the fat cells, which are then naturally removed by the body. The targeted treatment area is drawn into a chamber with mild suction. The treatment is initialized by lowering the temperature in that specific tissue area to that perfect temperature where we damage only the fat, leaving the overlying skin alone. After a programmed period of time, the device is removed. Your body naturally removes the broken cells and healing ensues. Progressively, the resulting contour emerges between 8 and 12 weeks.

The treated, damaged fat doesn’t return. All the fat is not damaged, so if you gain weight, the contour can change just like any other area of the body. Cool Lipo results in contour changes, not body sculpting. It may improve a six-pack, but it won’t create one. It is not designed for obese people, or those who want to lose weight. The right candidate has only a few areas which concern them, but not large enough for surgery, but enough for a few hours of treatment time. You can start with a few areas and add more if you like the result. An in-person examination by our physician can determine if you are a good candidate for Cool Lipo.

Please call us and inquire about the Cool Lipo Treatment cost in Delhi, with Dr. Kashyap - your Skin Care Doctor in Delhi.

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